Mini Exegesis

In my creative project, I create a profile about streetwear models, I want to create a series of a portrait wearing urban streetwear and all my photos background as you can see is daytime and is in Perth street scene. In the creative project, I only used two type of clothes, which is I really like. One with the denim jacket is a brand called “Culture King” is a locate brand in Australia, what I like about this jacket is the bleach wash, and the logo back of the jacket really stand out and simple and also the detail as well, the whole jacket made it so vintage, classic which I really like about. Furthermore matching with black jeans, also the other most comfort sneaker the “Nike Vapromax” which is black in color and combine with a white t-shirt mad it more stand out. I really like this outfit. The whole vide is very stylish and comfortable. The other outfit which is more hyperbole not many people can suitable to this style or like it. Is a sporty jacket from a popular brand called “Nike”, there are multiple colors with flower pattern. The reason I choose this jacket is that I also want to have an outfit provide a sporty and relaxing outfit but still keep it stylish. Another reason is that this year 2018 fashion is colorful therefore “Nike” create a jacket when people are doing sport or a relaxing day outfit, however still keep it stylish. For my project, I wanted to provide a comparison of sporty and classic streetwear vide, also for the photos I wanted to keep it simple and detail to advertise the fashion industry. Other than that, I took a photo series of streetwear is because I want to be a fashion photographer in the future, and I really like classic style. The main benefit is you can meet more people, models, by using social media, for example, Instagram and Facebook. the reason why we can meet more new people and friends is that on Facebook some people will create a group on the Facebook page and in that page have a hair stylist, models, and photographer, also makeup artists, hence we can meet more new people as well as gain more experience. For my personal, this a really good community and also is a good chance to build up your own career.

For my shooting style in this project. I name this project called “The classic”.WHY? Because I really like classic fashion, because, the old school classic style is always trendy never going to leave in the fashion industry, we only have to combine with other ideas, for example, color with flowers or a different detail on clothes with making it very differently. In this photos series, I used a flash to do the shoot. Furthermore, those images I used close up because all of my images are portraits, however, I used different angle and also different poses, at last, I have a tiny edited to outstanding the images.

Other than that, I will explain how I create my project “The Classic”. I started in week 8 and planned to create a photo series about streetwear fashion. Following to week 9, I asked my friend to be my models and come out some time and take a shoot. However, he is busy with his exam, therefore, the shoot has to do it in week 10. Therefore I started to shoot at week 10. After the shoot, I choose around 12 photos that I think is good, hence my project mainly is about models portrait as you can see.

An Additional, I want to discuss the visual design. In my creative project, I used composition and contrast. The composition is mean the arrangement of your object and also will use scale, hierarchy, and depth. For example, in my photos, most of them are in the middle, the reason is that the audience will know where to look on the farm immediately.

Contrast, the definition of the visual design element, is to make your design outstanding. For example, the color let talk about the first outfit the denim jacket with a white t-shirt, black jeans and black sneakers. Black and white classic look and combine with a bleach wash denim jacket. The second outfit, the “Nike” flowers jacket, yellow, black and red, those colors which provide a vide of summer and all the color as you can see which is “pop out” to attract people attention. Finally, for the image, I exported to JPG as upload file.

Other than that, I faced a lot of problems while I am doing my project, such as how to use a different method become more interesting and not bored. Therefore I referenced the information from week 7 “Creative Process”. the week lecture helped me answer many questions. According to week 7 lecture, “Creative individuals and organizations have outlined, formalized and applied strategies and creative methods”. Which means improve your own creative thinking and improve innovation output and also how to make your design successful. In this week there has a theory called “TRIZ”, is about how to solve problems while you create your project. There is three step how to solve problems. First is to identify the problem. Second is to formulate problems. At last is to explore previously well-solved. In my personal opinion, this week lecture really helps me to finish my project smoothly.

Lastly, I wanted to explain where is my idea come from. As we know now a day there are many social media can inspire your idea. I used an application called “Pinterest” and also Instagram. Pinterest is an application of people posting their own photos and most of my idea comes from that which is about this social media it can search keyword, for example, I normally reach “Streetwear, urban, fashion” and come up with over a hundred photos. The other is “ Instagram” I am very sure that it is the most popular social media at the moment. How I research my photos? I will look up for different clothing brand their new design and I will try to match different clothes in my head and when do a shoot I have the idea for how my photos look like or how I want to do it. 




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Mason, C. (2018). CCA1103D Lecture notes. Retrieved from Edith Cowan University, School of Media web site:


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